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Vaccination against the new coronavirus begins today, February 23.

After having 12 days of strict quarantine nationwide in Mongolia, 95 percent of all businesses in Ulaanbaatar is reopeningon February 23. During this time ‘One Door-One Test’ random testing continued in all districts of Ulaanbaatar. Meanwhile, Mongolia has readied cold-chain facilities and other required infrastructure to receive vaccines ‘Sputnik-V’, ‘Sinopharm’, ‘AstraZeneca’, and ‘Pfizer’. Within this frame, yesterday Mongolia received 150,000 doses of made in India, Covishield Astra Zeneca Vaccine, granted by the Government of India, and 300,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine developed by China National Pharmaceutical Group Corp, known as Sinopharm.

The Prime Minister L.Oyun-Erdene was the first to be vaccinated today a dose of AstraZeneca vaccine donated by India. The Minister of Health S. Enkhbold will be the second to call for health workers. The first round of vaccinations will be given by health workers, staff, police officers and specialists. The next round of vaccinations will be completed this yearfor the targeted group people.

Although vaccination is voluntary, it should be noted that the only way to protect against pandemics and dangerous diseases is through vaccination. The prime minister also encouraged private sector to cooperate with the government to vaccinate their employees. In this way, closed schools, kindergartens, borders, and large investments can be reopened. He also said, the Mongolian government will continue to make difficult decisions without delay. We call on all citizens to trust the government in major decisions in the future, as 98 percent of the last 12 days of quarantine have been enforced.

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