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Mongolian nobleman’s golden thread garment

This Mongolian traditional garment belongs to the time period of the 13-14 centuries found in Iran, Central Asia. It was made of silk and gold metal thread, measurements 140 cm. This rare garment was a CONUS-shaped, tapered waist and small buttons. It is an example of the luxury of the Mongols, who ruled in the 13-14 centuries from China to Iran. The vast territory occupied by the Mongols established a relatively peaceful and secure time period. The skilled artists were masters of making clothes with raw materials. Many traditional silks, golden thread garments, and knitted textiles called tartar cloth or panni or tartarici were imported to Europe. The traditional garment displayed in Aga khan museum has an embroidered fake tag and it is written: “Made in Iran or in centra Asia”. In order to show the quality of the fabrics and golden thread, the sleeves of the garment were unusually long and pushed around the forearms, adding a protective layer, emphasizing to the person who would wear it.


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