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History of Mongolian winter Olympic games

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

The National Olympic Committee for Mongolia was formed in February 1956 and was recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in June 1962. Mongolia's first Olympic Winter Games appearance was Innsbruck in 1964 and it has since missed only the Montreal 1976 Olympic Winter Games, competing 14 times. In 1964 Mongolia showed up at Innsbruck, having failed to officially enter but the IOC allowed its skiers to compete at the last minute. Mongolia has had 40 Winter Olympians (34 men, six women) who have competed in biathlon, cross-country skiing speedskating short-rack speed skating. It has not yet won a medal at the Olympic Winter Games. The country's best finishes have come in its inaugural appearance when speed skater Tsedenjavyn Lkhamjav placed 20th in the 3000m and 24th in the 1000m. Until the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Mongolia was the country that had won the most Olympic medals (15) without winning an Olympic title, but that drought ended in 2008 when Naidangiin Tuvshinbayar (half-heavyweight judo) and Enkhbatyn Badar-Uugan (bantamweight boxing) both won gold medals. Mongolia has won 30 Olympic medals. MILESTONES First Competitor, Female: Tsedenjavyn Lkhamjav (1 February 1964) - 1964 - Speed Skating (1000m) - 24th First Competitor, Female: Jigjeegiin Javzandulam (1 February 1964) - 1964 - Cross-Country Skiing (10km) - 34th First Competitor, Female: Dorjgotovyn Puerevloov (1 February 1964) - 1964 - Cross-Country Skiing (10km) - 35th First Competitor, Male: Bizyaagiin Dashgai (30 January 1964) - 1964 - Cross-Country Skiing (30km) - 58th First Competitor, Male: Bayanjavyn Damdinjav (30 January 1964) - 1964 - Cross-Country Skiing (30km) - 60th First Competitor, Male: Banzragchiin Zundui (30 January 1964) - 1964 - Cross-Country Skiing (30km) - 59th First Competitor, Male: Sodnomtserengiin Natsagdorj (30 January 1964) - 1964 - Cross-Country Skiing (30km) - 57th Youngest Competitor, Female: Dorjgotovyn Puerevloov (19y-111d) - 1964 - Cross-Country Skiing (10km) - 35th Youngest Competitor, Male: Ganbatyn Jargalanchuluun (15y-224d) - 2002 - Short Track Speed Skating (500m) - 29th Oldest Competitor, Female: Davaagiin Enkhee (37y-200d) - 2002 - Cross-Country Skiing (5/5km Pursuit) - 70th Oldest Competitor, Male: Luvsandashiin Dorj (40y-216d) - 1984 - Cross-Country Skiing (4x10km Relay) - DSQ


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