• Magsarjav Bolor

Mongolian winter and events

While most people travel to Mongolia during summer time, winter is exceptionally beautiful time to visit. This is the time when the steppe and Siberian borderlands are blanketed in picturesque frost and snow. Mongolians traditionally break winter season in to nine days-commonly known “nine-nines” beginning in winter solstice until the beginning of March. According to the lunisolar calendar, utilized by Mongolia’s nomadic herders for hundreds of years, the winter solstice which has the shortest daytime and longest night time of the year falls on December 22. The first three “nines” are the coldest period of the lunar year. The three nines continue until January 18. The fourth nine days begin on January 19, with nighttime temperature dropping to -38 Celsius (31 Fahrenheit) in Ulaanbaatar, the coldest capital city in the world. As the saying goes: