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Mongolia begins exporting horse meat to Japan

The International Food and Beverage Exhibition “Foodex Japan” took place for the 49th time on March 5-8, 2024, in Tokyo, Japan.


Representatives from Mongolian enterprises, including "Max Food," "Bulgan Makh Market," "Gazar Shim," "Dornod Makh Market," "Silk Road Trading," "Standart Food," "Teso," "Day Channel," "Duuren Food," "Monenzyme Med," and "Reflex" participated in the “Foodex Japan - 2024” by promoting their national goods and products.

“Bulgan Makh Market” LLC signed an agreement with a Japanese importer to supply Mongolian horse meat and its by-products to Japan. This Agreement brings high-quality, organic Mongolian horse meat raised in the country's natural environment to the Japanese market.


Approximately two thousand companies from 70 countries, including about one thousand Japanese organizations, participated in the "Foodex Japan - 2024" exhibition, introducing food products and production equipment.


On the sidelines of the Exhibition, Mongolian entrepreneurs visited the "Namegata Famous Bridge" corporation in Namegata, Ibaraki, Japan. The Visit provided them with a firsthand look at the entire process, from raw material cultivation, storage, and processing to product manufacturing, technology, and sales management. They also gained insights into how the company integrates tourism into its operations.


Mongolian entrepreneurs engaged in discussions to explore the prospect of collaborative endeavors aimed at producing finished goods utilizing raw materials sourced from Mongolia, to supply these products to the global market under the "Made in Japan" label.


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