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Naadam celebration that enlivens your senses and beyond

Experiencing the Mongolian Naadam Festival

Not every archer is a sage, not all men are born to be wrestlers, and, not every horse swift. Those who possess strength, speed, and wisdom have distinctive traits that set them apart from others. In particular, wrestlers and horses are born with unique qualities that are studied and recorded in Mongolian scriptures as in those of no other nation. The traditional uniform was worn by wrestlers, and the robes, and accessories of archers, as well as their bows and arrows, and saddles and bridles of the horses. All hold special cultural value and aesthetic appeal. The combination of colors and patterns pleases and senses. These decorative elements add to the overall beauty of the event. It is hard to imagine the perfection of the festival without nature’s beauty. In summer, when nature, the home of the nomads, restores its colors with the perfect balance of sun and rainfall, the blue sky, the wide blue valley, the blue mountains, grazing herds with their calves and lambs, tethered horses with their foals, and children running barefoot turn the entire Mongolian world into a painting. The sounds of the rivers, sheep bleating, children shouting and laughing, horses galloping and neighing, the chirping of birds cutting through the night air, and frog sounds from the swampy valley all contribute to Mongolian summer. Mongolia is a home that indulges all the senses most luxuriously.

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