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LONELY PLANET names MONGOLIA its #1 country to visit in 2024.

Heading to the camel festival, it is held March 6-7 every year.

LONELY PLANET names MONGOLIA its #1 country to visit in 2024 followed by Chile in the fourth position. Lonely Planet says it has awarded Mongolia the gold medal as its ideal for seekers of ‘wide-open spaces, adventures, and culture’. Its capital, Ulaanbaatar, is also ‘teeming with people and unique attractions’. Lonely Planet adds: ‘Squeezed between Russia and China, Mongolia seems hard to reach given recent geopolitical events in its two large neighbors. But Mongolia’s doors are open and a tourism campaign has eased visa restrictions through 2025.’ See the article below.

Past participants of the Gobi March in Mongolia are not surprised by the ranking!

The Gobi March 2024 begins on 23 June.

Sunset at

Eagle hunters from all over Mongolia come together to show off their skills and compete in various competitions.

One of the Mongolian best horseback archers

Lake Khovsgol is the largest freshwater lake in Mongolia and is the source of 70 percent of Mongolia’s fresh drinking water.

The beauty of open space. This photo was taken by Munkhbat Batbekh


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