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Gobi Folk Art Festival

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

We have been working together with local communities and local people for a long time. We often see it as mutually beneficial cooperation. However, we didn't think of we could be having fun together. Locals, especially camel and horse herders asked us to organize an event that includes us, them and lucky travelers who happened to be there on this special day. On September 30th, 2019, the very first Gobi Folk Festival was held in Nutsgen Steppe in Bulgan Village.

Turns out Gobi nomads are truly talented people. They just have been too busy herding their animals to study and follow their dreams. We decided to call the event “Gobi Folk Art Festival” to celebrate and find out where the talents are hidden. This year, the event was held in a theme of Gobi legends which might change into something fun next year. As we are a community-based society, teams were formed to present the performance of songs, dances, praises, and acts.

The festival was full of learning opportunities as the teams started to present their acts. The Dal performer had our jaws dropped with his amazing talent of traditional p