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Goal set to transport more than two million passengers

The Ministry of Road and Transport Development of Mongolia has declared 2024 as the “Year of Development to Support Regional Development” and set a goal of transporting 2.2 million passengers in the air transport sector. In January 2024, 124.5 thousand passengers were transported internationally by air, representing a 51 percent increase compared to the same period of the previous year. Additionally, 33.5 thousand passengers were transported domestically.


Last month, 29 percent of people who traveled by air to other countries flew to Seoul, South Korea, 15 percent to Beijing, China, 8 percent to Fukuoka, Vietnam, 7 percent to Istanbul, Turkey, 6.3 percent to Tokyo, Japan, 6 percent to Hong Kong, with the remaining 28 percent traveling to other destinations.


Of the international passengers, 50.7 percent flew on flights operated by the national air carrier “MIAT,” while 9.5 percent traveled on flights operated by “Air China,” 8.8 percent on flights operated by “Korean Air,” 7.3 percent on flights operated by “Hunnu Air” LLC, 6.8 percent on flights operated by “Aero Mongolia” LLC, and 5.3 percent on flights operated by “Eznis Airways” LLC. The remaining 11.6 percent traveled with other airlines.


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