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Cultural point-Traditional values

Mongolians say, “saihan taniltslaa” – “nice to meet you” after they have met you for the first time, and before you say goodbye.

You say, Sorry! When you want to apologize for something. For example, when you step on someone’s foot you say, uuchlaarai and slightly shake his/her hand.

Mongolians do not use ‘uuchlaarai’ to express sympathy or condolences! They say, haramsaltai baina. “What a pity”

Most Mongolians bring their shopping bags when they go shopping. That is why the cashiers asks if the customer needs to buy a plastic bag or not. Bringing one’s own bag for shopping is actually more environmentally friendly.

Don’t surprise if Mongolians asks you about your age or salary. If you don’t want to give an answer, you can say “nuuts” don’t forget to smile. Mongolians will ask you your age because they want to know whether you are older or younger than they are, so that they can use proper words to address you ta or chi.

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