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At the market-useful Mongolian phrases

Ene yamar unetei we? – How much is this? Энэ ямар үнэтэй вэ?

Dooshoo baigaa yu? – What is the cheaper price? Доошоо байгаа юу?

Uur ungu baigaa yu? -Do you have a different color? Өөр өнгө байгаа юу?

Baigaa – Yes, have Байгаа

Baihgui -No, haven’t

Tom razmer baigaa yu? - Do you have bigger size? Том размер байгаа юу?

Jijig razmer baigaa yu? Do you have smaller size? Жижиг размер байгаа юу?

This kind of negotiation is only acceptable at the open market outside or “Narantuul” market you can buy almost anything here.

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