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Aroma of horse raising


There is a unique scent that only Mongolians know. When Mongolians reminisce about their homeland this distinct scent evokes images of farming and the countryside. Only Mongolians can truly understand the feelings of home, childhood, and family that arise from the blue smoke of firing dung on horse reins during summer evenings, making their hearts grow fonder. Even for a Mongolian child who was born and raised in the city, the blue smoke of dung rising from chimneys in the countryside on summer evenings, and the unfamiliar smell of composting manure, are pervasive.  

 The Mongol Naadam Festival is an incredible opportunity to truly understand the Mongolian people and their inner nature. The one and only Festival in the world, held during the season of abundance and light, epitomizes the essence of Mongolian culture and nomadic traditions. As you venture into the very heart of the Asian continent, the festival’s vibrant atmosphere and timeless traditions unfold beneath the eternal blue sky. During the National Naadam celebrations, Mongolians participate in horse racing across six age groups: Daaga 2-year-old, covering a distance of 10-12 kilometers, Shudlen 3 years old covering 12-14 kilometers, Hyazaalan 3-year-old horse, covering 15-17 kilometers, Soyolon 4-year-old, covering 18-20 kilometers, the stallions covering 22-24 kilometers, and ikh nas 6 years old covering 24-26 kilometers.

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