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All sunken vehicles in Lake Khuvsgul are to be retrieved in 2024

submerged old ship

Lake Khuvsgul in Mongolia holds 74,6 percent of the freshwater resources of the country and about 0,4 percent of the world's freshwater. A survey shows that there are 28 vehicles sunken in Lake Khuvsgul.  


At the initiative of the President of Mongolia Khurelsukh Ukhnaa, a special working group is working to retrieve the submerged vehicles to preserve the ecosystems of Lake Khuvsgul and its surroundings, to remove the hazardous wastes at the bottom of the lake, and to prevent possible risks. All the sunken vehicles are planned to be retrieved in 2024, informs the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Mongolia.

The “Sukhbaatar” ship that sunken in 1985 was pulled out in 2021, also eight vehicles that were sunken in the years 1968-2016 were pulled out in 2023, removing a total of 34.7 tonnes of fuel, oil, and lubricants.  

car wrecks in the lake
car wrecks in the lake

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