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In connection with the new international airport being put into operation in Khushigt Valley.

Minister of Construction and Urban Development B.Munkhbaatar reports that at its regular meeting on August 11, the cabinet made the decision to establish an administration in charge of construction projects at Khushig Valley.

In May 2020, the Parliament approved the Cabinet’s draft resolution for establishing the cities of ‘New Zuunmod’ and ‘Maidar’ in Khushigt Valley. In the framework of developing the comprehensive plans for developing the valley area, a preliminary study has found that there is enough water resources to supply 150 thousand residents. Alongside supporting the growth of transport and logistics businesses based at the new international airport in Khushig Valley as well as the Bogdkhan Railway Bypass Line that is soon to be constructed, plans have been developed with the aim of creating new job opportunities for the sectors of culture, tourism, and light industry.

According to a preliminary study of water resources, there is a living space for 150 thousand people.The plans include construction works for infrastructure, such as three wastewater treatment facilities with a daily capacity of 20 thousand cubic meters, five reservoirs, auto road network, electricity, and a thermal power station. Following its completion, more construction works are planned for establishing residential, commercial, and industrial areas.

In connection with the new international airport being put into operation in Khushig Valley, the government has launched the works to construct the Bogdkhan Railway Bypass Line.