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2024 Budget Amendments of Ulaanbaatar city to include for metro project

Draft Resolution on the 2024 Budget Amendments of Capital City was submitted to the Governor of the Capital City, Mayor of Ulaanbaatar Nyambaatar Khishgee, and Chairman of Ulaanbaatar's Citizens' Representative Khural Batbayasgalan Jantsan on February 15, 2024.


The draft Resolution reflects funding for constructing a High-Capacity Public Transport System (Metro) project in Ulaanbaatar City and increasing access to schools and kindergartens.


The capital city budget for 2024 was approved with revenues of MNT 2.6 trillion, current expenses of MNT 1.1 trillion and MNT 230.3 billion to be collected for the state budget. As estimated, 93.1 percent of the capital city’s budget revenue in 2024 will come from tax revenue, with the remaining 6.9 percent from non-tax revenue.


For investment expenses, 56 local administrative organizations of the capital city, citizens, and enterprises submitted 912 projects and activity proposals requesting a total of MNT 3.4 trillion. These proposals were ranked according to their social and economic importance, and 214 investment projects and activities worth MNT 998.1 billion were approved to be implemented: MNT 979 billion from the capital city budget and MNT 19.1 billion under the local development fund.

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