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What to pack for winter: Must-Have Items

Mongolians are arguably the friendliest & and warm-hearted people in the world. Because of its beautiful open culture, Mongolia’s people make the country feel surprisingly accessible and warm even in the cold wintertime.


Preparing for a winter journey involves planning up front and a well-thought-out packing list for cold weather and any conditions. With our basic winter travel checklist, you will be equipped to navigate to any type of winter destination comfortably.


When preparing your cold weather packing list, the crucial thing is the right choice of winter clothes. Next, let’s delve into the must-have items of a cold-weather clothes checklist, from base layers to accessories, ensuring you're well-prepared for any weather conditions.

Packing light for winter travel is about thoughtful planning, versatile clothing choices, and efficient packing techniques. By following these tips, you can enjoy a comfortable and stylish winter getaway without the hassle of heavy luggage, leaving you free to embrace the winter wonderland with ease.


Basic winter clothes

Pack basic layers of any thermal and quick-dry synthetic or merino wool or synthetic blends tops or leggings made from moisture-wicking materials, cozy sweaters, or hoodies, and durable pants. With the right base layers, you will stay comfortably warm without feeling bulky.  Also, include a heavy weather-resistant jacket to shield against wind and include extra pairs of temperature-regulating socks and gloves for warmth. As for mid-layer outfits fleece and cashmere or wool work great.



Choose a weather-resistant jacket with an insulated lining to shield against cold winds and occasional snow. Look for a travel jacket made from materials like the popular Down jacket, Gore-Tex, or similar waterproof hoods and cuffs to seal out drafts, ensuring maximum warmth and protection.



Waterproof and insulated boots, keep your feet dry and warm on snowy terrains. Sturdy, comfortable shoes with thermal insole are an important part of any cold-weather packing list. You may opt for chunky pull-on calf-length style boots, or more lightweight hiking boots just with ankle support. Anything that would be reasonably described as ‘shoes’ should be avoided for outdoor use.



A hat that can cover your ears and avoid frostbite. You can also use a headband. and scarf to protect your head and neck from the cold. These snow essentials are often overlooked but crucial for maintaining body heat. Or you can buy a cashmere, camel, wool, yak hat and scarves.

A sturdy backpack with multiple compartments helps organize your winter trip efficiently.



A sturdy backpack with multiple compartments helps organize your winter trip efficiently. Pack things like a small thermos to keep hot water to drink and sunglasses against bright winter sunlight maximum UVA/UVB protection and polarized and preferably wraparound style to avoid glare coming in from sides.


Cosmetics and skin care

Bring moisturizing lotion and lip balm to combat dry winter air. Additionally, pack sunscreen as UV rays can still be strong even in winter.



Carry a portable charger for your devices, ensuring you stay connected during your winter travels. A quality camera can capture snowy landscapes beautifully, making it a valuable addition to your winter travel essentials.


Travel Documents

As usual, take all your travel documents depending on your trip destination. But remember to keep your passports, tickets, and hotel reservations in a waterproof organizer to prevent damage from snow or moisture.


Medications and First Aid

Pack essential medications and a small first aid kit, including items like pain relievers, bandages, and any necessary prescriptions. Your winter travel checklist needs to include these basics for unexpected situations.


Winter Sports Gear

If you plan on engaging in winter sports, pack appropriate snow gear such as ski pants, goggles, and helmets. These items are vital for a winter break packing list tailored to snowy adventures.

By incorporating these items into your winter packing list and adapting it to your travel destination and purpose, you'll be well-prepared for your cold season travel, ensuring comfort and enjoyment throughout your vacation.


What to pack for 4 days in cold weather in Mongolia

Base layers: Thermal topping and leggings 2 sets for daily warmth and moisture control.

Cozy sweater or zip jacket: 2 sweaters or a quarter zip jacket or hoodie for layering providing insulation without bulk

Weather-resistant jacket: 1 insulated jacket for wind and water protection

Water resistant Pants: 1 pair of outdoor activities in wet conditions

Warm waterproof shoes: Insulated boots with non-slip soles for stability and warmth.


With these key items, your cold-weather wardrobe is sorted, promising a comfortable and enjoyable winter adventure.


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