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Mongolia Announces 3 New COVID-19 Cases, Totaling 4: How They Got Coronavirus Precautions Right

How is it that Mongolia, a land that borders China and one of the likeliest to be a country where the disease would spread quickly and viciously, still has only four confirmed cases of COVID-19, three of which were just announced today? Well, they acted quickly.

The first case, detected just last week on March 9 was made public when a French national who entered the country for work purposes began to show symptoms while in Dornogobi province.

Landing March 2 on an Aeroflot flight from France, transiting through Moscow, it was five days before he showed symptoms of the virus, eventually testing positive for COVID-19 in the province, near the border with Inner Mongolia, China. He remains under isolation in the National Center for Communicable Diseases in Ulaanbaatar, where he chose to remain for treatment and is reported to be in stable, healthy condition.

Of the 207 people who came into contact with the first infected case, all have tested negative for contracting coronavirus and local Mongolia