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A Mongolian dancer had her first public performance in Japan

Mongolian Dancer Mrs. Burmaa, currently living and working in Japan, had her first public performance at the Sunny Hall in Tokyo on January 19. With this performance, she showed the wonders of Mongolian folk dance with talented Mongolian artists to the Japanese audience. Namely, her mother, a traditional long song singer, her twin, and her cousin, a ballet dancer of State Opera and Ballet Academic Theatre participated in the performance apart from Mongolian talented dancers and choreographers. Furthermore, the Ikebana performance was also dramatized by combining traditional Mongolian heritage and modern folk-art music. Additionally, she was born into a family of artists in Dundgobi province. She started her career with Tumen-Ekh Ensemble and came to Japan, immersed herself in Japanese art and culture, including Japanese folk dance and tea ceremony, and became an Ikebana artist and teacher. She has been a cultural bridge between Japan and Mongolia by supporting Mongolian artists and their art and cultural activities.

source: the voice of Mongolia

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