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A perfect masterpiece of nature: Dream Gobi Lodge

Mongolian vista
Mongolian vista

Dream Gobi Lodge is located in Bulgan Soum Umnugobi province. All the white Gers are lying on the plain ground looking like it was lifted by the mirage from the ground into the air. Gobi mirage shows its magic in the afternoon the most.  Horse and camel grazing nearby made the time seem like it had stopped and stepped into the peaceful world. The Lodge staff welcomes travelers is the biggest respect and culture in the lodge. All the must-see destinations Lammergier Valley, Flaming Cliffs, Moltsog dunes, and Khavtsgait Petgoglyphs are located nearby which allows you to stay at the lodge for three nights in a row. It is the wide-open, calming, and quiet atmosphere where your mind and body heal from traveling. The ensuite bathroom adds comfort to your stay in a traditional ger/yurt. Outdoor swimming is rewarded with endless expanses of the steppe mirages or the breathtaking view of the Milky Way. After a good meal, you are welcome to treat yourself to traditional relaxing spa treatments. Dining is a gastronomical adventure with camel steak, traditional goat jerky soup, or pleasure with home reminding good burgers. The food is a combination of city and countryside for eating all kinds of meals like pork, chicken, and fish, with cool deserts and cocktails from the restaurant terrace, seeing the Gobi mirage.

The Gers are spacious and clean with all-natural pure wooden furniture, combined with modern construction solutions, clean air, a blue sky with bright stars, and special moments of seeing sunrise and sunset views of the Gobi desert.

Environmentally friendly with 24-hour of power, hot and cold modern water systems, and gray water technology.

As activities, you can watch Mongolian documentary movies with an English subtitle, Play traditional ankle bone games, traditional archery, Mongolian traditional costume shows, swimming pool, sauna, spa, massage, and Mongolian ger assembling. Enjoy your drinks in the surroundings with beautiful wide-open views of camels, goats, and horses roaming freely.

Our lodge is opening in the middle of May 2024.

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