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Shargaljuut thermal spring water produced facial mist spray

Mongolia is known for mineral hot springs. Shargaljuut spa resort is very popular by its beautiful scenery and cures diseases such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, and cerebrovascular disease. The advantage of hydrogen ions is easy to absorb into the human tissue. Because of its very small structure, it goes deep into the bone that drugs can reach. So, it has healing abilities for arthritis diseases. When bathing in spring water with a hydrogen ion, human body heat increases from inside and improves blood circulation, releasing active oxygen from the body.

Shargaljuut hot spring water reduces the aging process by removing active oxygen and reduces loosened facial skin, and wrinkles because hydrogen ions extract melamine.

Recently in cooperation with scientists of the Mongolian Association of Dermatologists, the work of making spa sprays and mists, which have been proven by research to moisturize the skin and reduce inflammation from Shargaljuut hot spring, is ready for sale today with the price of 29.000 ₮.

The mist spray is suitable for use on dry skin, skin allergies, inflammation, diaper rash, acne symptoms due to wearing a mouth mask, and dry scalp. You can apply it before face makeup, applying the cream.

Japanese are famous for hot spring spas and resorts. Japanese professor Sanyetaka Shirahata, in his 35 years of treatment on various kinds of illness and experimental research using hydrogen ion Lakotye containing spa water, the following result were reached. 97% of the allergy, 88% of diabetes, 85% of kidney, and bladder diseases, 96% of skin diseases, 89% of respiratory diseases, 91% of digestive diseases, and 87% of rheumatic arthritic diseases cured. According to the results of experimental studies of hydrogen ions and Spa has proven to be unique abilities.

source: Shargaljuut health resort

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