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The Roof of Mongolia

First image is Altai tawan Bogd, taken by me. Thesecond image is posted with the permission of Damel. This is her first Eagle hunting competition that she participated in when she was 13 years old.

Altai Mountain range landscapes are adorned with a pristine layer of snow all year round. The gleaming white cloak that embraces the peaks evokes a sense of wonder and awe. Snow-capped mountains stand tall, reflecting sunlight and radiating a serene glow, almost like a beacon guiding us to explore the untouched wilderness beyond.

Nature has an extraordinary way of captivating our hearts and minds, and one of its most breathtaking displays is the sight of snow on the mountains. The allure of these snow-capped peaks has been celebrated in art, literature, and photography for centuries, and it continues to draw travelers and adventure seekers alike. The snow-capped peaks of the imposing Altai Mountains, the highest reaching over 4000m above sea level, dominate the landscape of Western Mongolia. This is one of the wettest regions in the country, with countless lakes, glaciers, springs, and streams dotted throughout the mountains and green valleys. The Altai, and the province of Bayanulgii in which the mountains are located, are particularly attractive to mountain and rock climbers, who come from all over the world to scale the heights of Tawan Bogd, the Highest peak in Mongolia 43746.   

Mongolians call it the “roof of the country.” Altai Tavan Bogd features five high peaks (Tavan means five in Mongolian), which have three large interconnected glaciers. The largest is the Potanin Glacier, which is 14 km long. This area’s climate is extremely unpredictable. The glorious beauty of nature, Altai Tavan Bogd National Park is also an important attraction, culturally. Because it is located in Bayan Olgii province which is predominantly occupied by Khazakhs, you can experience different cultural settings from Mongolians. The main thing that excites travelers is eagle hunting. Not hunting the eagles but hunting wild animals with trained eagles. The Khazakhs preserved their ancient method of hunting and other traditions pretty well.

It is a nice experience that you have a coworker who is an eagle huntress and came from Bayanulgii where this beautiful mountain is located, while she is studying in Ulaanbaatar, she works with us part-time. When we asked how she started training for eagle hunting She said that for the first time in 2013-2014, only Aisholpan participated in the competition, and in 2016, I participated in the competition with Aisholpan for the first time at the Eagle Festival. She showed us so many beautiful photos. I can’t wait to see her holding an eagle.

Since Altai Tavan Bogd National Park is based in the Altai Mountains, specifically Altai Tavan Bogd, mountain climbing is the main activity there. Each year, many climbers come seeking a challenge in pursuit of completing their trophy cabinet because the previously stated Khuiten Peak is world-famous among mountaineers. But do not worry, even if you are not a mountain climber there is plenty to do in Altai Tavan Bogd National Park.

You can go fishing for Taimen, Lenok Trout, Osman, Grayling, and Pike or go rafting or skiing or ride horses and camels and bikes. All in all, exploring Altai Tavan Bogd National Park is a lifetime experience and a must-see when you are visiting Mongolia. Mighty snowy mountains and crystal-clear lakes surrounded by full green valleys await you.

Eagle hunter Aisholpan Altai Tawan Bogd eagle hunters festival

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