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Armed Forces Day and around the world and in Mongolia

The square's name was changed to Chinggis pronounced Chinggisiin Talbai) in 2013 in honor of Genghis Khan, considered the founding father of Mongolia.
The central square named for Mongolia's revolutionary hero Damdin Sukhbaatar.ary

Today is Mongolian Military Day. Most countries of the world traditionally celebrate the holiday dedicated to the soldiers who protect the independence and sovereignty of the country. However, the special feature of this holiday is that each country celebrates its victory and success on different days in its history.

For example, in the United States, Armed Forces Day is celebrated on Saturday, the 3rd week of May. On the occasion of this holiday, there is a tradition of holding a military parade in Washington.

In Russia, the military holiday is celebrated on February 23 every year under the name "Day of Defenders of the Motherland".


This day, which has been celebrated since the Soviet era, is a holiday for everyone who is serving in the armed forces of the Russian Federation and has served in the past, but in recent years, it has also been widely celebrated as a men's holiday, just like in our country.

In South Korea, Armed Forces Day is celebrated on October 1, when the South's troops began to advance beyond the 38th parallel during the 1950 Korean War. On this day, the country also organizes a large military parade, and during the parade, taekwondo, which is a national pride, is shown to the public.

In Ukraine, since 2014, October 14 has been celebrated as the "Day of Defenders of Ukraine".

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