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Tourism Forum 2021

The Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism, the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Mongolian Tourism Association jointly organized the “Tourism Forum Mongolia 2021” under the motto “New Normalcy-Tourism Recovery Strategy” on October 26, 2021.

The purpose of this forum is to achieve a common understanding of how to revitalize the tourism industry most affected by the global pandemic during and after the pandemic, bring public and private leaders together under one goal, and focus on global tourism trends and ways to revitalize tourism and shared the latest methodologies and discussed ways to identify solutions. Mongolian government is announced a tourism to be a priority of the economy and to attract 1 million tourists as stated in the concept of economic development.

Highlights of the year is The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism, and The Ministry of Culture have agreed to work together to promote Mongolia abroad.

Synopsis: The forum featured presentations and discussions on three main topics: Covid's post-marketing and outdoor marketing, tourist transportation opportunities and solutions, and hospitality trends and standards. A council has been set up at the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry to improve private sectors cooperation and promote tourism at the state level.

In the road and transportation sector: Roads connecting 21 provinces, except for Darkhan province. 1,300 km of roads are planned to be completed along the tourist route. For example, 50 km of the road to Khentii Dadal has been completed.

In the air transport sector: winter and summer tariffs have been successfully negotiated with Korea, but it is unclear at this time as airlines will set prices based on demand. Airline’s pressuring tour operators to release the schedule early.

Statistics shows that: this year airline decreased by 93%, caused 1.6 billion MNT in damage, and lost 70% of the total labor force compared to 2019.

Private sector suggested the following requests such as: at least $ 3 million will need in order to operate activities such as to focus on digital marketing and promote Mongolia abroad. Conduct integrated marketing through a single digital window to promote Mongolia, regardless of whether it is ministries, companies, associations or the private sector. A support for real estate tax relief for their tourist camp properties.

A marketing experts advised that content and consumers need to be linked in order to promote Mongolian tourism in foreign markets. Marketing succeeds when you first have a very specific product, and then sell and promote it. Hygiene emphasized that whether local people are ready for tourists after the pandemic.

In the end, leading researchers, decision makers, entrepreneurs, local governmental and non-governmental organizations, tourism professionals to delivered their knowledge and experiences. Presentations and discussions came up with new ideas, solutions, and recommendations for future development.

Decision-makers and all participants in the tourism sector had a common understanding of the urgent need to revive the tourism sector in 2022-2023. Evaluate the current situation, develop an integrated plan to revitalize the tourism sector in line with future trends, and identify solutions.

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