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Mongolian yak leather soccer ball has potential to be recognized in the world

Mongolian-made soccer balls have the potential to be recognized by international standards,” said Stefanie Burry (PhD), Head of the Swiss Cooperation in Mongolia at her meeting with D.Terbaatar, General Secretary and other officials of the Mongolian Football Federation, on February.

In Mongolia, the project ‘Mongolian ball’ was launched in 2018 under the motto ‘A Ball for Every Child’. Within the project, yak leather soccer balls are being produced. The ball, primarily designed for children, is at its development level and it can be a quality product and an official game ball.

During the meeting, MFF expressed to support and promote locally made ball from traceable raw materials/yak leather supplied by herder families and certified by Responsible Nomads. Mr. Terbaatar said that the MFF would join hands with the Swiss Cooperation in Mongolia to promote locally made balls in the FIFA and international markets.

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