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Mongolian mothers are awarded the "Mother's Glory" medal

Before International Children's Day occurs on June 1st, the President issues decrees and medals to mothers. The order was divided into two classes: first and second class.

It was conferred to:

· First class: mothers bearing and raising six children.

· Second class: mothers bearing and raising four children.

This year in 2022, a total of 12,559 mothers have been awarded the Order of the Mother’s glory, including 912 mothers in the first class and 11,647 mothers in the second class.

A total of 5,429 mothers from 9 districts of the capital city, including 349 mothers with 1st class medals, 5,080 mothers with 2nd class medals, 7,056 mothers from 21 aimags, 560 mothers with 1st class medals, 6,496 mothers with 2nd class medals, 74 mothers living abroad, including 1st class medals 71 mothers will be awarded 3 mothers and 2nd class medals.

A mother with a first-class medal is awarded 200,000 MNT a year, and a mother with a second-class medal is awarded 100,000 MNT.

Today Jamo Grand present a photo report from the happy moments of mothers who received the famous Mother's Medal.

Mongolia established the Order of Maternal Glory in 1957 to award mothers who give birth to four or more children and ensure due care for their health, education, as well as physical, spiritual, and moral development.

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