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Secrets of ancient nomads’ dwellings are revealed

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Besides all the traditions and history of a Mongolian ger, anthropologists and researchers have made interesting research about the Mongolian symbol of Ger and customs.

Mongolians also consider their Ger in the same way they see as a human body. It means that a Ger has a head (upper space) and foot (lower space). A ger has upper and lower parts in both the horizontal and vertical directions. Altogether there are two upper parts given the most respect and two lower parts given the least respect. Below shown is the organization of attributes inside the Ger. In the horizontal figure, the upper side of the Ger is (upper space) and the lower is (door) with a central space between them.

In the vertical direction, the top is the “crown of the ger” (the “roof wheel”), then the central space, and the lower end is the floor. Following this, all head related attributes and other things equal to the head are kept in the upper space area. There is usually a chest with valuable, new clean dresses, garments, gifts, and so on. On the chest, there are