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A new wave of Mongolian films await release in 2021

2020 was a year to be noted in Mongolia’s film industry. Even though 2020 was largely spent in quarantine, Mongolian filmmakers managed to shoot and release several notable films and series, such as “37 Tochka”, “The Woman”, “The Wife” and “Buruu Urug”.

Not to mention, the Single Ladies franchise is finally over with their fourth installment “Beginning and Ending”, whose conclusion was hotly anticipated by film lovers, not necessarily its premiere. Even though “37 Tochka” was sensational and a huge project, it still proved that Mongolian filmmakers are lacking good writers.

Few good films like “Bedridden” by S. Byamba and “Khokho” by J. Jamiyansuren were released and “shocked” Mongolia’s film industry with their ambition and execution. These films were special as they weren’t commercial, yet they managed to become a topic of discussion among the masses. During the forum held at the Ulaanbaatar International Film Festival, the biggest event of the field, film experts were saying that Mongolian filmmaking should develop in both ways – commercially and artistically. It’s a fact that films made in Mongolia are only focusing on the commercial aspect of the product while abandoning originality and creativity. However, we hope that Mongolian filmmakers took a signal from “Bedridden”, “Khokho” and “Black Milk” by Uisenma Borchu and “Veins of the World” by D.Byambasuren. These art films, without a doubt, raised the bar for creative directing storytelling, and narrative. Many films are expected to premiere in 2021. Some of them are ready to premiere and opting to wait for the quarantine regime to be completely lifted to avoid the pitfalls of an online release. The following are some films that are scheduled to premiere this year.

“Eej Khadny Domog”

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