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Mongolian astronaut J. Guuragchaa awarded with the order of Alexander Nevsky

By the decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Mongolian astronaut Jugderdemid Gurragcha was awarded the highest state award. The decree stated that "President of the Mongolian-Russian Friendship ASociety J. Gurragcha will be awarded the Order of Alexander Nevsky award for his contribution to the development of a comprehensive partnership between Russia and Mongolia." St. Alexander Nevsky award was first issued in 1725 by order of Queen Catherine I to reward military personnel and civilians. The Order of Alexander Nevsky is a 40 mm wide gold plated ruby enameled cross pattée. Between each cross arm, a gold double-headed eagle, the State Emblem of the Russian Federation. In the center of the observation, a circular convex medallion bearing the enameled figure of Prince Alexander Nevsky riding a white s