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“Desertification in Mongolia” photo contest selected

President of Mongolia U.Khurelsukh launched the “One billion trees” nationwide campaign to combat environmental degradation, desertification and dust storms. Thus, ‘Desertification in Mongolia’ photo contest was organized in October with an aim to show the current state of desertification, and its impact on people’s lives, plants and wildlife.

The office of the President of Mongolia, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the United Association organized photo of Mongolian Photographers have been announced.

Five artworks have been selected out of more than 200 artworks by professional photographers and amateurs. The winners are as follows:

1. ‘Disaster is coming’ by S.Chinbat, 1st place

2. ‘Wrath of the Earth’ by E.Munkhchuluun, 2nd place

A woman walking in the desert' by P. Otgonbaatar, 3rd place

Fork in the road' by Tushig, special prize.

The grass' by D. Battulga, special prize

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