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"Mungulug shagshuurga-2023" organized in Khowd aimag

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

"The silver reed cluster-2023" ice festival successfully organized its first winter event in Khowd province in the western part of Mongolia located about 1,580 km from the capital Ulaanbaatar city. The aim of this festival is to promote the characteristics of the ethnic culture of the Western Mongolian people, being the pride of their national heritage, protecting beautiful nature, and developing winter tourism and public sports in connection with the announcement of 2023-2025 as the year to visit Mongolia by the Government of Mongolia.

Khovd province is distinguished by its multicultural population. It is home to more than 13 ethnic groups. Each of these groups has its own unique distinct historical tangible and intangible heritage of traditional dwelling and settlement patterns, dress and other cultural distinctions, and literary, artistic, and musical rituals. The Dalmatian pelican, white-headed duck, relict gull, and other common birds, such as gulls, ducks, and gooses are common in Khar-Us National Park of the province. In recent years, bird watching tour has become a specific tour offer for this region.

In the winter, 10 thousand domestic and foreign tourists come to take part in the ice festival, especially to visit this park which is located in Khovd province. The number of participants in the ice festival reveals that the “Silver Reed Cluster” ice festival has already become a popular attraction for tourists. Since 2009, the ice festival has been organized once every two years.

In total, 22 events were organized such as;

Multi-Ethnic Holiday Parade, Multi-Ethnic Cultural Performance, Mongolian Tuurgat Ice Archery, Ice Ankle Archery, Ice Wrestling, Horse-drawn sleigh service, Horse and camel riding, photo-taking, Eagle performance, Skating, 4-wheel motorcycle services.

Khowd province is named after the beautiful Khowd river which flows from the famous Tavan Bogd” mountain of the Altai Mountains to Khar-Us Lake.

Source: Mongolian tourist association,

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