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Children who live in Ger district like to visit “Mountain Lake Park”

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Several of Ulaanbaatar’s current issues are directly related to Ulaanbaatar’s Ger District.

A Ger district- ger khoroolol is a form of residential district in Mongolian settlements. They usually consist of parcels with one or more detached houses or gers, surrounded by two-meter high wooden fences. In other countries, gers are known as yurts. The Ger District is home to approximately 736,000 residents, 61% of Ulaanbaatar’s population. The significant growth in Ulaanbaatar is shown by its 52.8% of residents who were born outside of the city, the majority of migrants moved into the Ger District due to a lack of housing. The development of Ulaanbaatar has not kept up with the rapid growth leading to inadequate infrastructure in much of the Ger District. In turn, inadequate infrastructure has led to high pollution levels, negatively affecting public health. People stated that they live in the Ger District with improved infrastructure and living environment.

Uziitogtokh wanted to help the Ger khoroolol children to have a place to spend quality time in their free time.

The fairy-tale like two-story house, as well as a small park surrounded by trees, "Green Lake" in Ger district Denjiin Myanga, was opened on May 1, ten years ago. Looking out over the lake, there are small boats parked in the parking lot. Due to the pandemic, children are less likely to come. In the past, about 10,000 people visited in the winter. The founder of this Mountain Lake Park is S. Ulziitogtokh, who worked in Korea for three years from 2005 to 2008. After he came back to Mongolia, he began working on clearing rainwater around the Green Lake and turning it into a park. In the summer, children have the opportunity to ride a boat and skate on the ice in a winter.

Previously, in between 1946-1947 this area was the place where people prepare the road stone. The stones at the Sukhbaatar square and two sideway stone road, as well as west side of gravel stone materials of National University of Mongolia are taken from this area.

S. Ulziitogtokh has not yet fulfilled his dream of buying a big boat, but he said that there is big boat that can be used by whole family.

The depth of the lake is 1.4m. In 2009 when he started working in the field, it was covered by garbage. After cleaning everything out, the lake nourished by rain water and became the lake. He also planted 2- different kinds of 1000 trees in the surrounding area and atmosphere became humid. The fastest growing trees are maple, elm and poplar, which help prevent rockslides and landslides. Many locals and foreigners have planted memorial trees. Despite the large number of rocks and gravels, 90 percent of the planted trees have grown successfully. Because of the big rocks, there was no place to plant trees again.

S. Ulziitogtokh wanted to help the children who live in the ger district to spend quality time and to come there to have fun. The price of riding boat cost 4000MNT which is about USD1.50. he said that

Surrounding neighborhood residents followed the good example and they started taking care of the fences and houses and planted more tree in their property.

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