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WELLSPRING VOYAGE organizes group and private tours, often with a clear theme and a purpose. Find your favorite itinerary and have them tailored to your need. In a country of Mongolia, where the infrastructure is not developed and English is not widely spoken, it is important to find the right partner who understands your expectations and deliver with confidence. Wellspring Voyage is YOUR TRUSTED PARTNER TO TRAVEL IN MONGOLIA.


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Sep 22, 2020 – Oct 02, 2020

“Colors of Autumn” is a special brand tour for photography. The itinerary includes the most scenic landmarks of Mongolia during its most color-rich time plus the opportunity to attend and take photos of the vibrant Gobi Folk Art Festival. Every day, you will focus on different topics, wildlife in Ikh Nart reserve, birds in Yol Valley, a variety of landscapes of rocky mountains, layered formations, sand dunes, and Gobi steppe, and the animal herd of yaks, camels, horses, sheep, and goats. Another highlight will be the visit to the nomadic family for both cultural and portrait photo ops. Throughout the journey, Mongolian professional photographer and well-known tutor will accompany you to help you polish your skills.

May through October

If you’re looking for a life learning experience – something new and exciting - look no further and embark on this trip. The essential part of traveling is indeed getting new experience. And the best way to gain this experience is by trying personally, living through, and learning from it. Your adventure includes the most important part of Mongolian culture – riding a horse and sampling mare’s milk, consulting a shaman and attending Buddhist chanting ceremony. Riding two-humped camels and living with nomads. Riding Mongolian horse along with practicing archery. And getting involved in many activities to gain this life long memories and fascinating story to share with your friends and family.

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Mongolia - What and Where?

Follow this page to learn more about must-see places, things to do, new experiences, food, Mongolian culture, heritage, and history.

One of the last remaining nomadic cultures and direct descendants of Chinggis Khaan, Mongolia is truly a unique destination. Population wise it is a small country of 3.2 million people however geographically it is rather large, 1.5 million square km /600,000 sq miles/. Whilst Ulaanbaatar the capital city attracts half the population and is rushing towards development, nomadic herders in the countryside are grazing their animals in the wide-open countryside, leaving harmonically with Mother Nature.



The best choice of accommodation in the countryside is ger lodge, it is an authentic experience to sleep in a ger listening to the wind, looking out at the stars through the top window, and delving into the quality service provided.

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Perfect balance of comfort and authenticity



With each of the itineraries, we have customized pre-trip information that helps you arrange your trip, set the right expectations, and more. Read here more about means of transportation, meals, and more

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Soon Ulaanbaatar city is opening up its new airport which will increase the number of direct flights and hopefully flight expenses. Right now, Mongolia has a direct flight to 10 cities in the world and major aviation includes:

MONGOLIAN AIRLINES: MIAT to Berlin, Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo, HongKong, Seoul, Guangzhou. Hunnu Air to Manzhouli, AreoMongolia to Irkutsk,

Air China: Beijing – daily, Tianjin Air: Tianjin – 3 times a week,

Korean Air: Seoul – 6 times a week, Asiana: Seoul – 3 times a week, AirPusan: Pusan – 3 times a week,

Turkish Airline: Istanbul via Bishkek – 3 times a week,

Aeroflot: Moscow – 4 times a week, Angara Airlines to Irkutsk – twice a week

SCAT: Astana – twice a week


One way of traveling to Mongolia is to board the Trans-Siberian train from Beijing or from Moscow if you have the time. It takes 5 days to travel from Moscow, 23 hours from Beijing, 13 hours from Irkutsk in Russia. Please contact us for details.

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Wellspring Voyage LLC is a tour operator that organizes group tours, private family holidays, special interest tours, wilderness expeditions, and discovery programs.

We understand what makes your holiday special, but we are also aware of what Mongolia can offer, and with the 17 years of shared expertise in the sector, we bring up the exclusively tailored itinerary either for a group or an individual for more meaningful experience. 

We take pride in our team, who shares our dedication to customer care, attention to detail, and the love for Mongolia. From the moment you bring yourself into our care, till the end of your trip, you will travel comfortably, having a great learning experience, discovering the wonders of nature, and enjoying the genuine hospitality of Mongolians.

For a country that is thriving with the recent transition either from a nomadic to a sedentary lifestyle and from Communism into a liberal society, the changes are intense and fast, and the timing is important – now is the best time to travel in Mongolia – especially with Wellspring Voyage LLC. 

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