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International flights open from May 1, 2021

View of Khushigt Khundii valley

Mongolian Government has announced to open international flights from May 1, 2021. However, it is currently being planned to allow entry for fully-vaccinated citizens only. Aside from having a positive economic impact, this will allow the new international airport in Khushig Valley in Ulaanbaatar to be opened within two months after the reopening of air borders. Therefore, international travellers who have taken the approved vaccines against COVID-19 will be allowed to enter Mongolia.

Government officials have provided assurance that all air services at the old Chinggis Khaan airport site can be moved to the new international airport overnight without any flight delays. The name of ‘Chinggis Khaan International Airport’ will also be transferred from to Khushig Khundii.

Mongolian airlines transported 1.6 million travellers in 2019; this decreased to 440 thousand, mostly workers from the mining sector in 2020. These were internal flights. The only international flights, have been the charters repatriating Mongolian nationals from foreign countries. These flights are ongoing.

Image of Khushigt khundii international airport

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