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Instagram amble places in Mongolia

Mongolia is a country of contrast and attracts new tourists every year. Here are 15 Instagram-able photographs that will transport you out of the city and enhance your Instagram post.

1. #Gobi sunset

#Make the most of the golden hour in the Mongolian Gobi Desert.

2. # Roadside canteens

#During your travel you will see this roadside canteen everywhere in the Mongolian countryside. On a longer trip, it’s easiest for everyone to eat in the roadside canteens where locals eat.

3. #Passing an isolated Mongolian ger

#The Ger is a symbol of Mongolia. People here were born and raised in a Ger and stay close for their entire lives.

4. #Karakorum, the ancient capital of the Mongol empire

#Erdenezuu monastery dated back to 1585, built from the ruins of Genghis Khan's ancient capital. Today, it is still used as an active monastery. Worth a visit.

5. #Free range you can find

#Horses, cows, camel, sheep, and goats roam the countryside freely in Mongolia, not a fence in sight.

6. #Where the wild horses roam

#Just 80 km out of UB a herd of ancient wild horse takhi is one of the last wild species to live in the wild. Roam freely in Khustai National Park.

7. #Ride me

#Riding a camel really isn’t that hard. Once you get over the first hump, the rest is easy!

8. #Amazing Gobi view

#Well worth hiking up to see the view. The petroglyphs rock that they are standing detailing what looks to be everyday life 1000s of years ago.

9. #Herder family in the winter spot

#Nomadic herders live in Mongolia, tending herds of sheep, goats, camels, yaks, and horses just as their ancestors have for more than 3,000 years.

10. #Rainbow after rain

#Almost half of the tourists who visited Mongolia went to Gobi to explore its wonders. And they are never disappointed. So, what makes the Mongolian Gobi that wonderful?

11. #What Makes the Khongor Sand Dunes the “Singing Dunes”?

#The climbs start off gradually, winding up to the steeper slope. Then you will reach the base of the dune and begin the ascent.

12. #Uureg lake