May through October | 7 days, 700-1080$ depends on # of people

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Stay with Mongolian families in the city, village and in the countryside, Meet a shaman, Attend Buddhist chanting, Try calligraphy, Ride two humped camels, Learn to make dumplings, Draw folk art, Ride Mongolian horse, Practice archery, Play ankle bones, Learn traditional dance, Travel on yak cart
Best story to share

Dates and Price

May through October
7 days, 700-1080$ depends on # of people

About the trip

If you’re looking for a life learning experience – something new and exciting - look no further and embark on this trip. The essential part of traveling is indeed getting new experience. And the best way to gain this experience is by trying personally, living through, and learning from it. Your adventure includes the most important part of Mongolian culture – riding a horse and sampling mare’s milk, consulting a shaman and attending Buddhist chanting ceremony. Riding two-humped camels and living with nomads. Riding Mongolian horse along with practicing archery. And getting involved in many activities to gain this life long memories and fascinating story to share with your friends and family. 

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