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Means of transportation in Mongolia

transportation in Mongolia

Are you wondering how to travel around Mongolia, from one province to another, or within a city? The transportation system in Mongolia consists of a network of roads, railways, and airports. Main transport types, some tips, and useful links are given below.

On aircraft

Mongolia opened the new Chinggis Khaan International Airport. It is located 50 km from the city center of Ulaanbaatar. Currently, Chinggis Khaan International Airport is the major airport in Mongolia serving both international and domestic flights. As of 2023, domestic air carriers such as MIAT Mongolian Airlines, Eznis Airways, Aero Mongolia, and Hunnu Air, as well as international carriers such as Korean Air, Air China, Turkish Airlines, Asiana Airlines, VietJet Air, t'way, Busan Air, are offering scheduled services to Mongolia. There is regular domestic air service between main travel destinations such as Ulaanbaatar and Dalanzadgad in South Gobi, Murun In Khuwsgul, Uliastai in Zawkhan, Ulgii in Bayan-Ulgii, Khowd hot in Khowd aimag centers with Fokker 50, Airbus A319, and Bombardier Q400 aircraft. Please note that domestic air companies sell their tickets mostly through local travel agencies.

In July 2023, MIAT Mongolian Airlines resumed domestic flights after 15 years under the brand name MIAT Regional. Ulaanbaatar can be accessed with regular flights from world major cities such as Frankfurt, Beijing, Hong Kong, Seoul, Busan, Jeju, Daegu, Bangkok, Tokyo, Osaka, Istanbul, Astana, and Bishkek.

There are direct flights from two neighboring countries, including from Ulan-Ude, Irkutsk, and Krasnoyarsk, Russia, and Beijing, Guangzhou, Huh Hot, and Hailar China to Ulaanbaatar. Flight tickets can be bought from this website (please use the links below this article) and via travel agencies in Mongolia. Please note that domestic air companies sell their tickets mostly through travel agencies. Direct flights from Ulaanbaatar to any city USA will be available in 2024.

On a train

The Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest continuous rail line. The total distance by rail from Beijing to St. Petersburg, Russia is 7925 km. The world’s most famous railway route runs between Moscow - Ulaanbaatar - and Beijing.

You can start your trip at any of these points in three completely different cultures. Some travelers choose to combine train and air travel when visiting Mongolia, for example arriving by train from Moscow or Beijing and then returning by air.

There are 2 or 3 International Trans-Siberian trains a week that depart Beijing and arrive in Ulaanbaatar the next day. There is a summer and winter timetable and the days that the train runs change from year to year. It's best to ask us for the most up-to-date information. Information on bus routes and prices can be obtained at local bus stations.

The Mongolian section of this line runs for 1110 km. A spur line connects Darkhan to the copper mines of Erdenet; another spur line connects Ulaanbaatar with the coal mines of Baganuur.

For domestic transport, daily trains run from Ulaanbaatar to Darkhan, Sukhbaatar, and Erdenet, as well as Zamyn-Üüd, Choir, and Sainshand. Mongolia uses the 1,520 mm (4 ft 11+27⁄32 in) (Russian gauge) track system. The total length of the system is 1,810 km.

By car

Traveling by car is probably the most flexible and convenient transport to explore Mongolia. Special intercity and interregional taxis can be ordered or travelers might choose to use their own vehicles. An automobile road map shows the directions and roads to take in order to reach your destination.

Four-wheeled drive jeeps such asToyota Land Cruiser 100, 105, 200, and Lexus 470 are available.

Russian van-More looks like a tank and is part of the Mongolian adventure experience. 4WD without air conditioning. The drivers of this Van do maintenance themselves. As they say: "Easy to break, easy to fix!". Durable for remote area tours, camping tours, and adventure tours. 4-7seats.

Toyota Hiace, Delica, Starex -Suitable on paved roads and tarmac roads. 4WD minivan. with air-conditioning. 8-14 seats. There is no daily kilometer limitation, but the driver's maximum driving duration is 3-6 hours a day.

Car rental service is also available in Mongolia.

Public transport in cities

The main types of public transport in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia are buses and trolleybuses. Tickets are usually bought from a kiosk on the streets. Mongolia has no underground (subway).

Mongolia has a regional bus network system from Ulaanbaatar city to different provinces and cities. The national auto transport center is organizing a total of 1200 vehicles every day in 75 destinations. Regional buses are also public transportation in Mongolia and ticket price is very economical compared to the other options.

No internal flights operate in some provinces other than the capital city, Ulaanbaatar. That’s why long-distance bus routes are the first option for transport to/from the capital city. On longer distances, some buses travel overnight.

There are also several Mongolian bus routes to bordering cities in China and Russia, including Ulan-Ude city in Russia, Elian, and Beijing city in China. Please read more about these bus routes on this page soon.

On a horse and a camel

In the countryside horses and camels are the most used form of transportation. It is only used in the countryside.

By Motorcycle

Motorcycles are useful in the countryside and travel between small towns.

It is recommended if you are new to Mongolia, hire a tour company to help with your needs and to show you around Mongolia. You will have more opportunities and unique experiences and will know the road. Specialized tour operator companies organize tailor-made self-drive guided tours and car, and motorbike rental services.

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