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Jamogrand network donates for education

Jamogrand network organized an English book donation event at Bulgan village school in Umnugobi province. The school children showed great interest in this book present. Jamogrand operates Dream Gobi Lodge in Khongor Tolgoi Umnugobi province. Thus, in the context of social responsibility, we organize different kinds of activities since the village has one school. The school has a total of 200 children and the English teacher MG Munkhnaran Batmunkh organizes various activities for children to learn English and make a valuable investment in the minds of children. Many of these village schools only go to the ninth grade. Pupils who want to complete secondary school have to attend schools in the Dalanzadgad aimag center. Most children stay at the school dormitory during the school year and go back home to the countryside for the school break to help their parents herd the livestock. The children who stay in the remote Bulgan village center are somewhat bored. They have less privilege to attend private schools like the other cities to get mixed quality. Jamogrand network offers school children to participate in interactive English conversation lessons, and traditional musical performances to help them to motivate and create a positive learning environment during the summer season. Therefore, the Jamogrand network has been investing in children’s education by cooperating with teaching intensive English short programs, helping them to support the art and music curriculum.

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