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31th anniversary of the pro-democracy rally in Mongolia

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

By the 1980s Mongolia had become a totally transformed society.

Mongolia was affected by the results of political reforms that happened in Central and Eastern Europe, such as the reorganization of the USSR in 1986, the peaceful revolution in Prague in late 1989, the demolition of the Berlin Wall by two Germans, and the execution of state officials in Bucharest. Change came from the West and when perestroika was introduced in the Soviet Union, the ripples swept into Mongolia.

At that time, students of the University of Mongolia started publishing articles about democracy and established various political groups. In November, 1989 youth federation organized the conference and criticized the social situation and announced establishment of the Mongolian Democratic Union, for reform. Reform process deepened in Mongolia, in the fall of 1989, the drivers of the milk truck depot went on strike for two days, demanding an increase in wages, the first strike in the history.

Eventually, newspapers began to criticize the old system, students published leaflets, held student rallies on environmental issues, formed various coalitions and associations, and joined democratic movements to criticize the old social system, the l