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Thousand Horses of Steppe festival

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

This image was taken in the Khentii province

The ten Thousand Horses of Steppe festival will take place on November 19-21 in Khentii aimag, Batnorow soum. “Munkh Khariltsaa” NGO has been organizing the festival successfully in the 6th year at the initiation of Batnorov soum which leads Khentii aimag with its number of horses, aimed at promoting the lifestyle of Mongolian herders and preserving intangible cultural heritage.

2000 horses are set to take part in the festival. Various events such as driving a herd of horses, a horse race and competition of unique-colored horses, a parade on horseback, competitions of lasso and taming of the horse, an expo of Khentii brand products and Batnorov, brand horse equipment, photo exhibition and concert will be organized during the festival.

As Khentii aimag has numerous historical landmarks, a number of monuments and complexes such as “Friendship Hall” in Batnorov soum, “Shihihutug Complex” in Norovlin soum, “Sky Gate” in Dadal soum, “Ikh Khuraldai (Great Council)” complex, etc. are under construction with the investment of the Government of Mongolia and Asian Development Bank to boost tourism.

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