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The Mongolian basketball team qualified for the preliminary round of the Asian Championship first t

The Mongolian national basketball team has secured the right to play in the next round of the Asian Championship. Specifically, the selection competition to select the teams competing in the preliminary round of the 2025 Asian Basketball Championship is being held in Mongolia.

The Mongolian national team, which won second place in Group D of the 1st round of the selection process and qualified for the 2nd round, secured the right to play in the preliminary round by beating Singapore today. They beat Singapore 73-49. D. Delgernyam scored 16 points, G. Battor scored 13 points, and O. Enkhbaatar scored 12 points.

The Mongolian national team beat Hong Kong yesterday with a ratio of 76-69, and tomorrow they will play against the Guam national team to decide first place in the group.

The national teams of Guam and Thailand have also confirmed the right to play in the preliminary round, and the four teams selected from the second round are Australia, New Zealand, China, South Korea, the Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, and Indonesia.

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