May through October | 11 days, 1835-3990$ on your preferences

Natural Wonders

Khustai National Park, Khugnu Khan, Orkhon Valley and Erdenezuu, Ongi Temple, Khongor Sand Dune, Flaming Cliff, Yol Valley, Terelj National Park, Statue of Chinggis Khaan

Dates and Price

May through October
11 days, 1835-3990$ on your preferences

About the trip

“Natural Wonders” is designed to explore the most scenic destinations including Gobi Desert, Orkhon Valley, and central Mongolia. You will enjoy the unique and beautiful landscapes of steppe and plain lands, oasis, sand dunes and forest area. Visit local families and meet Mongolians to share their stories and learn about their lives. Ride two humped camels, horse and even yaks. Sample khorkhog-stone cooked barbeque, taste airag-fermented mare’s milk, learn to build Mongolian ger, and practice with composite bow. Visit museums, temples and ancient ruins. Spend your downtime enjoying the sunset in Gobi, savoring wild berry wines, and meeting new people. 

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