May through October | 12 days, 2000-3630$ on your preferences

Birds and Wildlife

Terelj National Park, Statue of Chinggis Khaan, Ikh Nart Natural Reserve, Moltsog Sand Dune, Flaming Cliff, Yol Valley, Khustai National Park, Sukhbaatar Square, National Museum, Wild sheep, ibex, gazelles, wild horses, eagles, vultures, falcons, cranes, Mongolian signature birds

Dates and Price

May through October
12 days, 2000-3630$ on your preferences

About the trip

“Birds and Wildlife” is a discovery trip that includes wildlife exploration, birdwatching in the most scenic destinations. The birdwatching in meadows, in an oasis, up on the cliff, in a valley, and across the Gobi Desert. The wildlife includes wild Argali sheep, ibex, whitetail gazelles, and Takhi wild horses. You will enjoy the unique and beautiful landscapes of steppe and plain lands, oasis, sand dunes and forest areas. Visit local families and meet Mongolians to share their stories and learn about their lives. Ride two-humped camels, and horses. This trip helps you to be bond with nature, recharge from its endless energy and enjoy the beauty of it. 

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