July 19 - Aug 9, 2020 | 22 days, 6800$

All in One

Eagle Hunters, Altai Mountain and Dayan Lake, Terelj National Park, Statue of Chinggis Khaan Yol Valley, Khongor Sand Dune, Khavtsgait Petroglyph, Flaming Cliff, Khustai National Park, Khugnu Khan, Orkhon Valley, Erdenezuu, Khorgo Volcano, Khuvsgul Lake, Yak, camel, horse, reindeer
All in One

Dates and Price

July 19 - Aug 9, 2020
22 days, 6800$

About the trip

“All-in-One” is a trip package inclusive of the greatest landmarks of this large country. Trip starts from the Wild West, the home to eagle hunters and huntresses, and great mountains. It is a rare opportunity to meet Kazakh people and learn extensively of their unique culture. Then we will take you to Gobi, one of a kind with its wide open landscape, Bactrian camel herds and magnificent sand dunes. Upon your arrival take a detour from Ulaanbaatar city, visit infamous Terelj National Park to visit the Guinness record owning statue of Chinggis Khaan. For the next part of your trip, you will drive from Central Mongolia to North, to see the wild Takhi horses, Erdenezuu and ancient temples, yak herders while enjoying the most picturesque part of the country. Lake Khuvsgul is the best place to wrap up your travel experience and finish with high note. 

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